Condensed Aerosol Fire Extinguisher system

Protect Your Life And Property

The condensed aerosol fire suppression system is a new-style fire extinguisher. Now it is widely used in Energy storage system, Electrical cabinets, Li-ion battery packs, Passenger cars, Vehicles and SUV engine compartments, and other small enclsoed space, to automatically suppress the early fire by self heat-detecting and self activation.

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Advantages of aerosol fire suppression system

1. Powdered Aerosol Halon Replacement
2. No Ozone Depletion, No Global Warming, No Toxicity. GWP=0, ODP=0
3. Small-Safe-Simple
4. Our new Sr series aerosol fire extinguisher can rapidly effectively suppress the initial fire through thermal detector to avoid class A B C E F fire hazard
5. After fire extinguishing there is no sediment or residue remains
6. Agent Validity: 10 years
7. Anyone can use it easily, it is very easy to install 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Aerosol fire extinguisher?
A: Aerosol fire extinguishing technology is a new type of fire extinguishing technology developed on the basis of military pyrotechnics. 

Q: What is the delivery time of your fire extinguisher?
A: For sample: about 3-5 days after payment
For batch order: about 10-15 days after payment

Q: What is the transport way ?
A: DHL, Fedex, By air, By sea.

Q: How to start the aerosol generating fire extinguishing system unit?
A: Two ways:
1. Thermal self-start (Thermal Starting Temperature:175℃±10℃)
2. Electric Start (Starting Condition: 12V~24V DC (Minimum starting current 350mA)

Q: Are the aerosol fire suppression system harmful to the people or environment?
A: NO, it is No Ozone Depletion, No Global Warming, No Toxicity. GWP=0, ODP=0

Q: Does the aerosol fire suppression system can be used multiple times?
A: It is one time use, you have to replace new after the old one used. But its valid time is 10 years, you don’t have to maintain it during the valid time.

Q: Automatic fire suppression system for vehicles
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Q:  Fire protection for Li-ion battery energy storage systems
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