About us


We are the leading aerosol fire suppression system manufacturers in China. We focus on the research of Gaseous Fire Suppression since 1998. Our company is a comprehensive new high-tech company specialize in fire extinguishing products research & development, manufacture, sales and service. We dedicate to provide customer a set of safe, effective and perfect solution for fire protection. 

The condensed aerosol fire extinguisher is a new-style fire extinguisher. It is specialized made for control panel, battery packs, new energy storage, cabinet, vehicle compartment and other small enclosed space, to automatically suppress the early fire by self heat-detecting and self activation.

Our factory is Zhejiang Huashen Firefighting Technology and our trading company is Yiwu Xuange e-commerce Firm. We are located in Zhejiang, China. If you want to know more about us, welcome your honorable visit.

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Our Factory

Our factory located in Zhejiang FuYang, it is about 1 hours by car from our Hangzhou office. There are 60 workers in our factory, it includes 12 staff members and 8 technicist. We equipped Incoming warehouse, Automated assembly line, Full inspection equipment, Protect packaging and Shipment. Our production capacity for mini aerosol fire extinguisher is 2500 sets per day

About us