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Aerosol fire suppression system or dry powder fire extinguisher? New energy vehicle fire prevention

Aerosol fire suppression system may be the better way for the new energy vehicle fire prevention.

In the past decade of vigorous development of new energy vehicles, the increasing base number has brought more reports of Electric vehicle battery fires accidents, and the safety situation of new energy vehicles has become increasingly severe.

The installation of automatic fire extinguishing devices for new energy vehicles is a particularly important safety guarantee. In the current market, there are only two types of automatic fire extinguishing systems that can be used in automobile engine compartments, battery boxes, and battery compartments. One is an dry powder fire extinguishing device and the other is an S type aerosol fire suppression system. Which device is more suitable for the battery compartment of an electric car?

1. Aerosol fire suppression system VS dry powder fire extinguisher

As a product commonly used in the traditional fire extinguishing field, dry powder fire extinguishing devices are also used in automobile engine compartments, but compared with aerosol fire suppression system, they have certain shortcomings.

a. Aerosol fire suppression system effect of fire extinguisher

Our new S type aerosol fire suppression system has an effective extinguishing agent consumption of 100g/m3, which is the same level as the ultrafine dry powder. Compared with ultra-fine dry powder, aerosol fire extinguishing agent has strong suspension characteristics and spreads evenly throughout the protection space, which can effectively extinguish dead-angle fires and prevent fires from re-igniting.

b. Aerosol fire suppression has better stability

The fire extinguishing agent of the aerosol fire suppression system is to install a special coated solid agent in the fire extinguishing device, which is filled at atmospheric pressure, has a long life of the agent, and the discharge process is not affected by the external environment. The ultra-fine dry powder will absorb moisture and compact, and the nozzle is prone to clogging. Especially the non-storage pressure pulse type dry powder fire extinguishing device, its impact force is very big, it is easy to cause secondary damage.

c. Aerosol fire suppression system is more cleaner and safer

The dry powder is difficult to clean after spraying, and it is easy to absorb moisture, and the produced material is corrosive. The new S-type aerosol exists in a gaseous form after being sprayed, and will dissipate in the atmosphere within a certain period of time, while the micron-sized metal oxide particles are non-corrosive and non-toxic. These can be reflected in various authoritative test reports.

d. Aerosol fire suppression system is smaller and easy to use

The new aerosol fire suppression system is about 1/2 of the volume and weight of the dry powder fire extinguishing device with the same fire extinguishing efficiency. It is suitable for design and installation in small and crowded spaces. The dry powder device can only be installed by hanging. The dry powder fire extinguishing device needs to check the pressure and the state of the dry powder regularly. If the pressure is insufficient or the dry powder agglomerates, you need to disassemble the supplementary gas or replace the dry powder agent, and the aerosol is maintenance-free during the validity period.

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2. Aerosol fire suppression system advantages

1. Powdered Aerosol Halon Replacement

2. No Ozone Depletion, No Global Warming, No Toxicity

3. Small-Safe-Simple

4. Our top new Sr series aerosol fire extinguisher can rapidly effectively suppress the

initial fire through thermal detector to avoid class A B C D E fire hazard

5. After fire extinguishing there is no sediment or residue remains

6. Agent Validity: 10 years

7. Anyone can use it easily, it is very easy to install

3. Aerosol fire suppression system dubai Market

4. Aerosol fire suppression system design in electric vehicles

From all aspects, in the current large market of fire extinguishers, the S-type aerosol fire suppression system is indeed a more suitable choice for the battery compartment of new energy buses.

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