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What is Aerosol fire suppression system?

The condensed aerosol fire suppression system is a new-style fire extinguisher. 

Now it is widely used in control panel, battery packs, new energy storage, cabinet, vehicle compartment and other small enclsoed space, to automatically suppress the elary fire by self heat-detecting and self activation.

Aerosol fire suppression system discharge

Aerosol fire suppression system working principle

The four elements of combustion: combustibles, oxidizer, temperature and uninhibited chain reaction. The fire extinguishing mechanism of aerosol fire suppression systems is to eliminate one or several of the four elements of combustion.

The solid fire extinguishing agent in the S-type aerosol fire suppression system is started by electricity, and it undergoes redox reaction to form a large number of agglomerated fire extinguishing aerosols, and its composition is mainly N2, a small amount of CO2, and metal salt solid particles.

Aerosol fire extinguisher work by removing heat: Aerosol systems release metal salt particles that surround the flame. On contact, the particles cool the flame and absorb heat to suppress the fire.

Aerosol fire extinguisher can also work by disrupting a chain reaction: under the action of heat, the vaporized metal ions or electron-losing cations decomposed in the fire extinguishing aerosol can interact with the active groups in the combustion, repeatedly consume a large amount of active groups, and reduce burning free radicals.

aerosol fire extinguisher working principle

How to active the aerosol fire suppression system?

There are two ways, thermal start and electric start.

1. Thermal self-start (Thermal Starting Temperature:175±10℃)
2. Electric Start (Starting Condition: 12V~24V DC (Minimum starting current 350mA)

How Effective are Aerosol fire suppression systems?

It can be effective in suppressing Class A, B, C, E and F fires. However, effectiveness depends on the concentration of particulates near the flame, location of other flammable materials, and type of fuel involved.

It can be equipped with either electrical or automatic fire detection and activation. Aerosol suppression is available for both a total flooding environment and for local applications.

Aerosol fire suppression system advantages&disadvantages

1. Powdered Aerosol Halon Replacement
2. No Ozone Depletion, No Global Warming, No Toxicity. GWP=0, ODP=0
3. Small-Safe-Simple
4. Our new Sr series aerosol fire extinguisher can rapidly effectively suppress the initial fire through thermal detector to avoid class A B C E F fire hazard
5. After fire extinguishing there is no sediment or residue remains
6. Agent Validity: 10 years
7. Anyone can use it easily, it is very easy to install

But aerosol system is not suitable for the locations as following:
1. Crowded place with a lot of people.
2. Metal hydride fires such as potassium hydrogen and sodium hydrogen
3. Fire of chemicals such as nitrocellulose, sodium nitrate etc.
4. Living metal fires such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, titanium, zirconium, and uranium etc.

How to install the aerosol fire suppression system?

Please visit Aerosol fire extinguisher fixed and install for reference.

Aerosol fire suppression system maintenance

1. Check all electrical terminals/wiring harness linkage joints to ensure that the fire extinguishing device can operate normally in the event of a fire;

2.  Visually check whether all fire extinguishing devices are damaged by external force or lack parts;

3.  Confirm that all fire extinguishing devices are not obstructed, and that there is room for demand.

Aerosol fire suppression systems application

It is specialized made for control panel, lithium battery packs, new energy storage, cabinet, vehicle engine compartment and other small enclosed space, to automatically suppress the early fire by self heat-detecting and self activation.

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