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Aerosol generator for ESS fire suppression

Product Parameter

Product type: S type Aerosol generator
Model: QRR0.01GW/SHS-C1R
Rated dose: 0.01KG
Protect area: 0.06 m³
Device Size: φ60*24mm
Start-up mode: Thermal self-start or Electric start
Discharge Time: ≤5s
Working Condition: Temp: -50℃—+90℃ Humidity: ≤95%
N.W.: 170±10g
Agent Validity: 10years
Brand: Can be customized

Product drawing

Aerosol generator working principle

Condensed aerosol fire suppression system agent is a solid chemical mixture composed of oxidant, reducing agent, combustion speed control agent and binder. After starting by heat (electricity), the reaction product is cooled and forms agglomerated sol state. Under the action of heat, the fire extinguishing gas Affinity reaction occurs between the sex groups, which repeatedly consumes a large amount of active groups, reduces the burning free radicals, and efficiently absorbs and neutralizes the burning free radicals in the flame, so as to achieve chemical suppression and extinguishing effect.

aerosol fire extinguisher working principle

Aerosol fire suppression system advantage

1. Fast fire extinguishing speed, total flooding fire extinguishing, not affected by the location of the fire source;

2. The operation is stored in the normal pressure state;

3. Resistant to extreme working environment, not affected by electromagnetic and saline-alkali environment, the working environment is -50℃-90℃;

4. The product is small in size and can be hung and installed on the top of the space without occupying space.

5. It will not affect the precision electrical equipment after spraying, the resistance value is greater than 20MΩ, and there is no secondary damage to the precision electrical equipment; easy to clean after spraying

6. No Ozone Depletion, No Global Warming, No Toxicity. GWP=0, ODP=0total flooding

Aerosol generator fire suppression

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