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Car catach on fire, what cause this happen?

Time: 2021/6/20

1. Car catach on fire

The weather is getting hotter and car catch on fire is increasing. Drivers and friends must pay attention to strengthen prevention! Recently, the scene that happened on the highway was shocking…

At 8 o’clock in the morning on June 8, when the police from Qingdao Weilai Expressway Traffic Police Brigade patrolled through Qingxin Expressway, they discovered that a Buick car catach on fire. The police immediately stopped for disposal, coordinated command, contacted rescue, and diverted traffic.

car catch on fire
car catch on fire

During the period, the vehicle experienced three secondary explosions, and there were no casualties at the scene. “When we were dealing with it, there were three enthusiastic car owners  used the fire extinguishing equipment in their car to try to extinguish the fire sprouts. Later, due to continuous secondary explosions in the car, we evacuated the three of us.

I also like these three drivers who have acted bravely. “The police at the scene said.

It is understood that the driver of the vehicle discovered that the vehicle’s engine was faulty before the incident, but had not dealt with it. When driving to this section, the vehicle suddenly exploded spontaneously.

I would like to remind all drivers to beware of car catch on fire in hot weather. Be sure to check the condition of your car before departure to avoid danger on the way. At the same time, when you encounter similar situations on the road, you must call the police in time to evacuate people and vehicles to a safe distance, and then rescue them under the premise of ensuring your own safety.

2. Signs before car catch on fire

① Before a car catch on fire, the indicator on the dashboard often does not light up. This type of situation is mostly caused by a short circuit

② When you find peculiar smells, such as burnt smell, engine oil smell, and odor while driving, it may be caused by the aging of the oil circuit and wiring, and you should get out of the car for inspection immediately.

③ Smoke comes out of the front of the car, and blue or black smoke can be seen through the windows and rearview mirrors. You should stop immediately and turn off the power.

④ If the car’s fuel consumption suddenly increases, and it is in normal operation, there may be a problem with the fuel circuit, and you must pay attention.

⑤ Sudden difficulty in starting the car or obvious shaking during driving is also one of the signs before spontaneous combustion.

3. What causes a car to catch on fire

Car catach on fire, there are many reasons:

① Improper operation

Heavy-duty truck drivers frequently use brakes, causing the brake pads to overheat and ignite the tires and cause fire accidents, or because the vehicle is seriously overloaded, increasing the load-bearing capacity of the tires, the tires, bearings are aging, and the axle friction is overheated to cause high-temperature ignition of the tires.

② Electrical circuit failure

After the collision of the vehicle, the leakage of gasoline, diesel or engine oil is caused. When the impact spark or the spark of the battery wire grounding is encountered, the car catch on fire

③ “Running, leaking, dripping, and leaking” appear in the oil circuit

The vehicle itself has many ignition sources that can ignite fuel, such as high-voltage electric sparks generated by ignition, high-temperature arcs generated when the battery is short-circuited, high temperatures generated when the engine is exhausted, or carbon deposits and sparks sprayed out. The oil phenomenon is very easy to ignite spontaneously once it encounters an ignition source.

④ The driver’s safety awareness is not strong

Before going on the road, the vehicle was not thoroughly inspected and cleaned. Due to the dust and impurities attached to the road, the exposed lines of the vehicle’s film were corroded, resulting in a short circuit of the wires and causing the vehicle line to catch fire.

⑤ Parts ageing

The car is in poor condition and the line is aging. The rubber and plastic parts in the car are prone to aging and cracking and causing short circuits. After driving on the highway for a long time, they are very easy to catch fire.

⑥ Pull and transport hazardous chemicals such as flammable and explosive

During transportation, the goods catch fire due to friction or other reasons for a long time, which can cause a fire.

The spontaneous combustion of the vehicle is mostly related to the vehicle’s own vehicle condition. The vehicle should be inspected and maintained before being started again on the road for a long time to minimize the risk of spontaneous combustion.

4. How to prevent car fires

We can do something to avoid car catch on fire : 

① Be vigilant about the peculiar smell in the car and get out of the car for inspection. If you smell rubber odor in the car or see smoke from the side of the hood cover and near the dashboard during driving, you should quickly pull over to stop the engine and turn off the main power switch of the whole car. At the same time, call a professional emergency repair phone and wait for rescue.

② The vehicle needs to be equipped with an effective fire extinguisher for a long time. Every car should be equipped with an effective fire extinguisher, and pay attention to check whether it exceeds the age limit. Once a fire occurs during driving, you should first call the police as soon as possible, and use the fire extinguisher equipped with the vehicle for initial rescue to reduce losses. You could put a Handheld aerosol fire extinguisher in your car or install the aerosol fire extinguisher inside your vehicle engine compartment or battery compartment.

③ Always do maintenance and check before driving. Owners of private cars and commercial vehicles, especially those that need to run long distances, often conduct daily inspections of their cars and are diligent in maintenance. They should carefully check the oil circuit and circuit problems before going on the road to prevent the aging of the circuit from causing spontaneous combustion of the car.

④ Load according to regulations and keep away from flammable materials. When summer comes, private cars should clean up the contents of the car in time. Do not place flammable and explosive items in the car, such as perfume, hair spray, lighters, etc., and keep the engine compartment clean. Try not to smoke in the car.

⑤ Don’t modify the car privately. Friends who like to modify their cars, please be sure to ask professional technicians to do professional modifications, not to go to an informal car modification shop or do it yourself.

⑥ Try to choose a shaded place when parking. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible when parking, and check the chassis and sides of the car for inflammable and explosive materials.

Car catach on fire and how to prevent the car fire

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