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Condensed aerosol fire suppression system for industrial power distribution room 2021


Condensed aerosol fire suppression system for industrial power distribution room

With the rapid development of industrial production, the position of power supply system in industrial production is becoming more and more important, and the fire safety precautions of this system have become more prominent. The entire power supply system is connected by cables to form a whole. Therefore, when a fire occurs in a certain link in the system, the fire will quickly spread to other places along the transmission cable, causing huge economic losses.

 In addition, since most of the cable insulation materials are organic polymer materials, a large amount of toxic fumes can be generated when burned, which endangers the lives of personnel on site. Therefore, it is particularly important to do a good job in the fire safety of industrial power supply systems. When a fire occurs, it can quickly and effectively extinguish the fire, which is of great significance to the protection of personal and property safety. 

Condensed aerosol fire suppression system is a product that can quickly and effectively extinguish Class B fires and electrical fires.

1. condensed aerosol fire suppression device principle, composition and characteristics

a. Condensed aerosol fire suppression working principle

Condensed aerosol fire suppression agent is a kind of pyrotechnic agent composed of oxidant, reducing agent and other partial additives. Pure white smoke, a substance similar to gas, can stay in the fire space in a suspended state for a long time, and has a high fire extinguishing ability. 

The main components of the gas phase of the aerosol are N2, a small amount of CO2 and water vapor, and the solid phase components are mainly carbonate and metal oxides. Its fire extinguishing mechanism is: dilute and isolate oxygen through its gas phase components; extinguish the flame through the endothermic decomposition and temperature reduction effect of the solid phase components and chemical inhibition. It can effectively extinguish class A surface fires, class B fires and electrical fires. Aerosols are generally used to extinguish fires by total flooding, but there are also partial protection products.

aerosol fire extinguisher working principle

b. Components of condensed aerosol fire suppression

Condensed aerosol fire suppression are divided into two types: pipe network and pipe-less network. Generally, pipe-free network is the most common type. The pipe-free type can be in various forms such as cabinet type, wall-mounted type, cabinet-use miniature type, etc. according to different needs. However, its working principle and general structure are the same. They are all composed of medicament, aerosol generator, cooling device, shell, etc. After starting, the aerosol is generated after combustion, and then released to the protection area to implement fire fighting.

components of condensed aerosol fire suppression

c. Condensed aerosol fire suppression characteristics

Condensed aerosol fire suppression system is a product different from other types of gas fire extinguishing devices, and has many characteristics that other products do not have. Easy installation and construction, no complicated pipe network; simple maintenance and low cost; long storage period and easy transportation; non-toxic and non-corrosive; small size and light weight; high fire-fighting efficiency, etc., can be designed according to the specific space. Type and fixed method; very suitable for use in various complex places of industrial power supply system.

2. Fire characteristics of industrial power supply system

a. The fire spreads fast

Industrial power supply systems are all distributed and transported high-power electrical energy, and power supply cables are mostly oil-impregnated paper insulation, rubber insulation and plastic insulation. These materials and the insulating oil of the cable are all combustibles. Once a fire occurs, the fire will quickly follow the cable. Spread to all places where the cable extends.

b. Large smoke and toxicity

The fire combustibles of industrial power supply systems are generally cable insulation, insulating oil, oil for power generation, and other combustibles. These substances will be incompletely burned, produce a large amount of thick black smoke, and can decompose a variety of toxic substances such as CO, aromatic compounds, and alkanes.

c. Difficult to prevent

It is very difficult to put out a fire in the place of the industrial power supply system, such as cable tunnels, cable trenches, cable interlayers, cable shafts and other places. Fighting work.

3. Analysis of Fire Causes in Industrial Power Supply System and Application of condensed aerosol fire suppression system

a. Used in cable tunnels, cable trenches, cable interlayers, and cable shafts

Cable tunnels, cable trenches, cable interlayers, and cable shafts are all places where cables are laid. During the laying or long-term use of cables, the insulation layer may be damaged or the insulation strength may be reduced, resulting in a short circuit, resulting in arcs and burning; also When laying oil-filled cables, if the drop is not increased according to the regulations, oil leakage may occur, and a fire hazard may also occur; in addition, long-term overload use, poor contact of the connector, heat and fire, or the intrusion of external fire sources, etc. The above places spread.

The internal environment of cable tunnels, cable interlayers, and cable shafts is generally narrow, low, or long in length and high in height, with dense internal supports, few entrances and exits, and complex environmental conditions. Such places make it difficult for many fire extinguishing systems with pipe networks to function, and aerosol fire extinguishing devices are particularly suitable for such complex and changeable places. 

Aerosol fire suppression system maintenance
Our QRR0.25GW/SHS-C3 product used in cable trenches

b. Used in power distribution rooms, control rooms, electromagnetic stations, etc.

The main cause of fires in control rooms, power distribution rooms, electromagnetic stations and other places is caused by various switches and cables. In addition, there are other combustibles in the room that cause fires due to external factors. These places are generally equipment concentrated areas. Since live equipment is generally not allowed to use water systems, only gas fire extinguishing devices, such as FM200, IG5 41, and CO2, can be used. Aerosols are also gas fire extinguishing devices and can also be used in these places.

c. For transformer room

The fire in the transformer room is generally due to the aging of the inner coil insulation layer of the transformer, poor oil quality, too little oil, poor wire contact, severe overload, short circuit, poor grounding, etc., which cause the combustibles inside the transformer to undergo high temperature decomposition, expansion, and oil. The product ejected and burned and caught fire. Transformers generally require good heat dissipation, so transformer rooms are generally not sealed, and condensed aerosol fire suppression system also have products for partial protection of transformer fires, such as Progen.

d. For diesel generator room

The fire in the diesel generator room is generally due to internal reasons or the spread of external fire that causes diesel combustion and a typical Class B fire occurs. At present, many factories and mines have their own spare diesel generator rooms, and many generator rooms are located in closed spaces in basements or semi-basements. In such a space, the fire is a typical Class B fire, which is very suitable for condensed aerosol fire suppression system to be used in this occasion.

e. Used in electrical and control panel cabinets

Fires in electrical and control panels are generally caused by a short circuit in the switch system or an arc caused by a fault, and the circuit in the cabinet is burnt due to high temperature. This type of protection area is composed of the internal space of the cabinet. This type of protection area is a small space with good sealing performance. It is an ideal place for micro aerosol devices. Currently suitable for this type of micro aerosol device can be Click here to view. Mature products are used in foreign countries such as Russia, Australia and the United States.

Our QRR0.10GW/SHS-C2 product used in panel and cabinets

For more application pictures please click condensed aerosol fire suppression system application.

4. Problems that should be paid attention to inconstruction

The starting method of condensed aerosol fire suppression system is generally to use an electric igniter to trigger the ignition powder, and then produce the fire extinguishing agent. Electric igniters are sensitive to electromagnetic interference. The transmission and operation of industrial power supply systems are all strong currents. The electromagnetic interference in these occasions is very strong. Therefore, when aerosol products are installed in these places, the shielding requirements of the startup circuit are strict, and the construction must be strictly in accordance with the relevant specifications, otherwise it will cause errors. The occurrence of spray accidents.

5. Condensed aerosol fire suppression application in electric power field

The unique advantages of condensed aerosol fire suppression devices in industrial power supply systems, especially cable tunnels, cable trenches, cable interlayers, cable shafts, electrical and control panels, are unmatched by other fire extinguishing devices. With the continuous development of its own technology , Can fully meet the requirements of safety, efficiency, environmental protection, etc., and the application prospects in this field will be broader.