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Electrical cabinet fire suppression system-Mini condensed aerosol fire extinguisher device

Time: 2021/6/30

Electrical cabinet fire suppression system is a small aerosol fire extinguishing device installed in electrical cabinets, high voltage switch cabinets, and low voltage power distribution cabinets. It can be directly installed in the cabinet very easily. 

1. Electrical cabinet fire protection status

In today’s society, electrical equipment has become a necessity as a device to meet people’s electricity needs. With the continuous development and advancement of science and technology, people’s quality of life is also improving, power consumption has increased sharply, and electrical fires have increased day by day.

Fire accidents caused by electrical short-circuits, leakage, excessive resistance, and aging of wires are increasing year by year. Fires in power distribution cabinets have a serious impact on enterprise production and people’s lives, and caused great harm to property safety, and severely cause personnel casualties. Therefore, in order to reduce fire hazards and prevent disasters before they occur, choosing a safe and reliable Electrical cabinet fire suppression system is currently a matter of concern for relevant enterprises.

Electrical cabinet fire

2. Electrical panel fire extinguisher type

①Leakage fire

When leakage occurs, the leaked current flows into the earth on the way, if it encounters parts with higher resistance, it will generate local high temperature, causing nearby combustibles to ignite and cause a fire. In addition, the leakage sparks generated at the leakage point can also cause a fire.

② Short circuit fire

When the short circuit occurs, the resistance suddenly decreases and the current increases suddenly, and the instantaneous heat generation is also very large, which greatly exceeds the heat generation during normal operation of the line, and it is easy to produce strong sparks and arcs at the short-circuit point, which not only makes the insulation layer burn quickly , And it can melt the metal, cause nearby combustibles to burn, and cause a fire.

③ Overload fire

The so-called overload means that when the current passing through the wire exceeds the safe carrying capacity, the temperature of the wire continues to rise. This phenomenon is called the wire overload. When the wire is overloaded, it accelerates the deterioration of the wire insulation layer. When severely overloaded, the temperature of the wire will continue to rise, and even cause the insulation of the wire to burn, and it can ignite combustibles near the wire, thereby causing a fire.

④ Excessive contact resistance fire

Where there are connections between wires and wires, wires and switches, fuses, meters, and electrical equipment, there are joints, and the resistance formed on the contact surface of the joint is called contact resistance. On electrical circuits with relatively large currents, if the phenomenon of excessive contact resistance occurs somewhere, extremely large heat will be generated in the local area where the contact resistance is too large, discoloring or even melting the metal, causing the wire The insulation layer burns, and causes combustible materials nearby or dust and fibers accumulated on the wires to cause a fire.

⑤ Fire caused by arc spark

The high-voltage switchgear contains a kind of high-temperature and high-conductivity free gas called arc, which is manifested as an instant high-temperature spark, which will destroy the conductive contact parts, causing great destructiveness, and serious electrical equipment explosion accidents.

3. Fire Extinguisher for electrical Panel

① Electrical cabinet fire suppression system

Our electrical cabinet fire suppression system is small, new and environmentally friendly called condensed aerosol fire extinguisher device specially developed for the electrical cabinets based on its characteristics. The condensed aerosol fire extinguisher device has high fire extinguishing efficiency, fast fire extinguishing speed, and flexible and diverse starting methods. It is small in size, can be applied locally and can achieve full flooding and fire extinguishing. It is especially suitable for use inside power distribution cabinets.

Electrical cabinet fire suppression system

② Features of condensed aerosol fire extinguishing device

a.  Small size, easy to install, it can be fixed with screws or directly glued, suitable for applications in small enclosed spaces;

b. The small aerosol fire extinguisher device for the distribution cabinet does not require an external power source, it has a long service life with a standby time of up to 10 years.

c. Fast discharge speed: the discharge time less than 12 seconds, the probability of extinguishing the fire is greatly improved, and the signal can be fed back to the external equipment in need at the same time;

d. Good environmental applicability: The small aerosol fire extinguisher device of the power distribution cabinet adopts an innovative pharmaceutical packaging technology and initiation technology to make its use temperature from -50℃-90℃, while the traditional product is only -20℃-50. ℃, so that it can be used in an environment with complex electric and magnetic fields without causing malfunctions;

e. Due to its small size and light weight, it is more convenient and flexible to install compared to traditional products, and it has the function of fixed-point protection;

f. Suspended particles in the aerosol spread to the protected space to prevent secondary fires

 g. There is almost no residue after fire extinguishing, non-toxic, non-polluted, and within the range of human body

③ The scope of application of aerosol fire extinguisher device

Substation and distribution room, generator room, high and low voltage distribution cabinet, switch cabinet, etc.;

Communication room, communication base station, electronic computer room, etc.;

Rolling mill equipment room, electrical basement, cable interlayer, cable tunnel, transformer room, etc.

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④Fire Extinguisher for electrical Panel test video

Aerosol fire extinguisher
Electrical cabinet fire suppression system in the video

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