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Energy storage fire suppression system

Energy storage fire suppression system.   

With the increasing demand for energy and increasing environmental protection in countries around the world, the promotion and application of clean energy has become an inevitable trend. Most of the clean and renewable resources we currently use have the characteristics of intermittent and volatility, which makes it difficult for the power supply system to provide continuous and stable energy output, which will affect the safe and stable operation of the power grid. Under this situation, the battery energy storage came into being, providing an important guarantee for the stable and continuous output of energy.  

Our company uses our own technical advantages and scientific research results, combined with the status quo of battery energy storage, independently developed a set of features with high fire extinguishing efficiency, storage at room temperature and pressure, temperature induction self-starting, good environmental adaptability, long validity period, etc. It is applied to the automatic fire extinguishing system of various battery energy storage.

lithium battery fire suppression system
ess fire suppression install

Study on Fire Characteristics of Battery Energy Storage system

1. Causes of fire in battery energy storage system

The main cause of fires in battery energy storage are fires caused by thermal runaway of lithium batteries in energy storage, and fires caused by electrical equipment due to overload, short circuit, poor contact, static electricity, lightning, misoperation, improper maintenance and other factors.

2. Fire characteristics of battery energy storage system

Lithium batteries have stable physical properties at room temperature, and their internal components and their chemical reactions are the main cause of lithium battery fires. During use, due to thermal instability of the electrolytic material, chemical reactions occur in the internal components of the lithium battery. This causes the lithium battery to burn.

 External factors are also one of the causes of lithium battery fires. The influence of the external environment (wrong test method, wrong charging and discharging, collision, water ingress, etc.) will cause changes in the internal conditions of the lithium battery, and this change will cause the lithium battery The internal balance is lost, causing the lithium battery to catch fire and cause a fire.

 There are two key nodes of primary explosion and secondary combustion in the combustion process of lithium batteries after heating, and a fire in a lithium battery will cause thermal runaway of all surrounding lithium batteries, and various decomposition reactions that occur in lithium batteries will occur. In a high temperature environment, the entire combustion process is very violent. Therefore, in order to effectively control the lithium battery fire in time, it is necessary to focus on the appropriate temperature to respond.

Due to the wide distribution of electrical systems and long-term continuous operation, electrical circuits and equipment are usually located in hidden places (such as suspended ceilings, cable trenches, and electrical cabinets). At the initial stage of a fire, it is not easy to be detected by the fire alarm system, and it is not easy to be observed by the naked eye. When discovered, an open flame is often formed, making it difficult to put out the fire in time.

 Electrical fires in industrial systems generally cause serious losses. Electrical equipment runs for a long time, consumes more electrical equipment, and electrical equipment is more concentrated. Moreover, the electrical fire source itself has large energy and is a strong ignition source, and electrical circuits and cables themselves are under certain accident conditions. This is the way the fire spreads, so once a fire starts, the fire spreads quickly and the loss is huge.

3. Energy storage fire suppression system Measures

The fire-fighting measures of battery energy storage must implement the policy of “prevention first, combined prevention and fire prevention”. Different fire-fighting measures must be taken for different equipment like photovoltaic, solar, and power transmission, substations and electric vehicles.

Energy storage fire suppression system

4. Energy storage automatic fire extinguishing system design scheme

For small enclosed space protection areas

Fire protection for Li-ion battery energy storage systems (ESS fire suppression )

At present, our company’s self-developed and innovative new energy aerosol automatic fire suppression system are used in battery boxes, battery compartments and other product types, which can meet the needs of most new energy scenarios.

Energy storage fire suppression system
Energy storage fire suppression system

Working principle of electric start

There are detector and extinguisher inside the energy storage system or battery energy storage system . when the detector detects the fire or other signal, like smoke, temperature. the operators will get the feedback singal and they can press the button to start the aerosol fire extinguisher. 

Fire alarm—Detector—Feedback singal—Start the extinguisher—Prevent the fire

Working principle of thermal self start

The energy storage battery box uses a fully submerged aerosol automatic fire extinguishing device, which is composed of a small aerosol fire extinguisher, a thermal wire, and so on. According to the actual requirements of the battery box, the maximum area inside the battery box is designed to be used.

 When a fire occurs in the protection zone, after the heat-sensitive wire is ignited, the heat-sensitive wire burns to activate the aerosol generating agent in the fire extinguishing device. The aerosol generating agent decomposes the chemical coolant through the heat released by the redox reaction to achieve aerosol generation The extinguishing agent and the coolant participate in the fire extinguishing together, and it can also give a feedback signal to inform that the fire extinguishing device has started.

5. Energy storage fire suppression system test video

 The requirements of modern fire protection are early suppression, rapid response, and efficient fire extinguishing; when selecting products in the field of integrated base stations such as power distribution rooms, communication rooms, electrical cabinets, and energy storage stations, it is necessary to consider pertinence, and the selected fire extinguishing agent should be suitable for the protected object The characteristics and requirements of the system, and its safety must be considered.

 Therefore, the advantages of our company’s new generation S-type aerosol fire extinguishing device for automatic fire extinguishing are pressureless storage, maintenance-free, compact device, fast fire extinguishing and suppression speed, high cost performance , Easy installation, etc., therefore, it is obvious whether the superior performance of aerosols or the fire control in the open key protection area, the enclosed space is fully submerged, and the fixed-point fire extinguishing.

Aerosol fire suppression for battery energy storage.