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Ev charging station fire suppression

The EV charging station is used to charge the electric vehicle, and its function is like the refueling machine in the gas station to refuel the fuel vehicle. Because of its small size, easy construction, convenience and reliability, it can be easily installed in small service outlets, parking lots, streets, residential areas, etc. When users park electric vehicles for a long time, they can use rechargeable on-board batteries for charging. 

Although the EV charging station is convenient and fast, and effectively solves the charging problem of new energy vehicles, whether it is outdoor or indoor charging station, it also greatly buries the hidden danger of electricity safety in terms of electricity safety. The Ev charging station fires are becoming more and more frequent

What causes ev charging station fire?

EV charging station fire are mainly caused by electrical short circuit and charging heat. In essence, the “fire” of the charging station is a process of uncontrolled energy release: the high temperature of the electric heat generated by the charging station will cause other accessories to heat up. Make the whole EV charging station hotter, and eventually cause the chemical energy stored in the flammable material to be converted into heat energy (fire), causing serious damage to people’s lives and properties.

ev charging station fire

At present, there are basically no automatic fire extinguishing devices installed in the mainstream charging pile cabinets, and no relevant detection devices are equipped inside the boxes. After discovering a fire, maintenance personnel are required to rush to the scene to use carbon dioxide fire extinguishers or dry powder fire extinguishers to put out the fire.

Since the charging pile cabinet is generally located in the parking lot or high-speed service area, and continues to operate under the condition of long-term unattended operation, it is difficult for maintenance personnel to arrive at the scene in time when there is a EV charging station fire.

Ev charging station fire safety

EV Charging station fire suppression suggestion: Use automatic aerosol fire suppression system to suppress early fires and minimize damage before rescuers arrive.

a. Aerosol system advantages for EV charging station

1. Strong fire extinguishing ability: the fire extinguishing ability is twice or more than that of similar products
2. Non-toxic and non-corrosive: no pollution to the environment, no secondary damage to equipment
3. Small size: Compared with traditional gas fire extinguishers, it is small and suitable for small enclosed space such as charging piles
4. Easy installation: small size, light weight, small footprint, can be installed on the floor or suspended
5. Pressure-free storage: the aerosol device does not need to be pressurized, which can better cope with complex environments
6. Simple maintenance: maintenance-free during part of the service life of the fire extinguishing device
7. Flexible starting mode: it can support Thermal start(automatic) or Electric Start(manual activation)                                                                                                                8. Local fire extinguishing function: it support total flooding or fixed-point protection in key areas  fire extinguisher

b. Design and installation

1. Fix the aerosol fire suppression system in the empty part of charging pile cabinets.

2. The thermal wires should be arranged in an S-shape in the cabinet in the fire-prone area, and away from the electronic equipment to maintain the sensitivity of fire detection.

3. The length of the thermal wire is determined according to the size of the cabinet, and it should be fixed with a cable tie when it is arranged in the cabinet.


Ev charging station fire suppression design

c. Aerosol fire suppression system working principle (thermal start)

When a fire occurs in the protection zone, after the heat-sensitive wire is ignited, the heat-sensitive wire burns to activate the aerosol generating agent in the fire extinguishing device. The aerosol generating agent decomposes the chemical coolant through the heat released by the redox reaction to achieve aerosol generation The extinguishing agent and the coolant participate in the fire extinguishing together, and it can also give a feedback signal to inform that the fire extinguishing device has started.

Aerosol fire suppression system video (thermal start)

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