Aerosol fire extinguisher application field

The aerosol fire suppression system are mainly used for small enclosed space as following,

1.Bus/Vehicle/Car engine compartments, Electric vehicles battery compartments
2.Substation and control house
3.Switch gear room, Battery room (lead acid / lithium ion)
4.Electric cabinet, electric control box, cable trench, cable wire tray
5.Energy Storage System(ESS), Battery Energy Storage System(BESS), Battery room (lead acid / lithium ion), Home Solar Li-ion Energy Storage
6.Marine,wind turbine generator, Wind turbine nacelles and power rooms
7.Flammable Storage, Chemical storage
9.Precision instrument room
10.Archives,Telecommunication room
11.Computer, air conditioner room, Data center
12.Batter pack, battery room, battery compartments
All the critical places prone to fire but can’t be extinguished by water.

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