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Product Parameter

Product type: S type Aerosol Fire Suppression
Model: QRR0.08GW/SHS-C1
Rated dose: 0.08KG
Protect area: 0.55m³
Device Size: 130*120*24mm
Start-up mode: Thermal self-start or Electric start
Discharge Time: ≤7s
Working Condition: Temp: -50℃—+90℃ Humidity: ≤95%
N.W.: 690±10g
Agent Validity: 10years
Brand: Can be customized

Product drawing

Working principle

Condensed aerosol fire extinguishing gas generating agent is a solid chemical mixture composed of oxidant, reducing agent, combustion speed control agent and binder. After starting by heat (electricity), the reaction product is cooled and forms agglomerated sol state. Under the action of heat, the fire extinguishing gas Affinity reaction occurs between the sex groups, which repeatedly consumes a large amount of active groups, reduces the burning free radicals, and efficiently absorbs and neutralizes the burning free radicals in the flame, so as to achieve chemical suppression and extinguishing effect.

aerosol fire extinguisher working principle

Fire suppression system installation

① Mounting bracket: Fasten the fixed bracket to the wall, ceiling or other supports by bolts. Check the surrounding environment to ensure that the fire extinguishing device will not be displaced under external force.

② Check the fire extinguishing device: remove the fire extinguishing device from the cargo box and check whether the appearance is complete. If the appearance is damaged or the electrical circuit is broken, please stop installing the fire extinguishing device. The activation method is an active fire extinguishing device. Before installation, it is necessary to measure whether the positive and negative poles of the fire extinguisher are in the path; the feedback function needs to measure whether the positive and negative poles are open circuit, otherwise, please stop installing the fire extinguishing device.

③ Install the fire extinguishing device: open the fixed bracket, position the fixed bracket in the bracket groove on the surface of the fire extinguishing device, and fasten it with the anti-loosening bolt.

④Inspection: Check and ensure that the spout of the fire extinguishing device is kept unobstructed and free of obstructions. Avoid the spout of the fire extinguishing device facing the wall, ceiling or vertical surface of the protection object. 

Vehicle engine fire suppression system working video

The mini condensed aerosol fire extinguisher device is a new-style fire extinguisher. It is specialized made for Small enclosed space that require automatic fire extinguishing and are not suitable for fire extinguishing with water or dry powder extinguishing agent. It can detect and suppress the early fire to avoid every fire hazard. Now it is widely used in energy storage system, Electrical cabinets, Battery compartment, Passenger cars, Vehicles and SUV engine compartments, to automatically suppress the fire by self heat-detecting and self activation.

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