Aerosol fire suppression system are widely used in Electric vehicles, battery pack, new energy storage,  cabinet, vehicle compartment and other small enclosed space, to automatically suppress the early fire by self heat-detecting and self activation.  It can help to protect our life And property with low cost.

What is aerosol fire extinguisher?

aerosol fire suppression system
Model: QRR0.03GW/SHS-AR2

Aerosol fire extinguisher generator for cabinet

Aerosol fire suppression system
Model: QRR0.10GW/SHS-C2

Aerosol based automatic fire suppression system

Automatic fire suppression system
Model: QRR0.01GW/SHS-C1

Automatic fire suppression system for electric vehicles

aerosol fire suppression system
Model: QRR0.02GW/SHS-CN1

Aerosol fire suppression system for new energy vehicle battery pack

fire protection system
Model: QRR0.03GW/SHS-C4

Fire protection system for Li-ion battery energy storage systems

aerosol generator
Model: QRR0.01GW/SHS-C1R

Aerosol generator for ESS fire suppression

fire suppression system
Model: QRR0.08GW/SHS-C1

Aerosol fire extinguisher for ESS

fire safety equipment
Model: QRR0.06G/SHS-F3

Aerosol fire safety equipment for Wind Power

small fire extinguisher
Model: QRR0.16G/SHS-F3

Small fire extinguisher for car and bus

aerosol fire extinguishing generator
Model: QRR0.25GW/SHS-C3

Aerosol fire extinguisher for vehicles

round aerosol generator
Model: QRR0.03GW/SHS-C4R

Round aerosol generator for fire suppression

aerosol fire suppression system

3kg aerosol fire suppression system

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